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  • Escape Studios recently asked me a few questions about my role on Guardians of the Galaxy - if your interested the whole interview can be read on their blog over at:   I'm proud to be an Advisory … Continued

  • HULKwip4

    After Claiming that I was thinking about moving this bust sculpt into a full body one, I felt i had to follow though, have been tweaking this on and off for a while now mainly on lunch breaks - he's … Continued

  • 2014-07-10 09.10.41

    Thought I might show a couple of characters I sculpting on the ipad, that will never really see the light of day. Things I sculpted with no real purpose or that weren't really what I was after in the end. … Continued

  • millLogo

    So as Guardians of the Galaxy draws to a close, I am leaving Framestore and returning to The Mill - for a longer stint in commercials. Its been a while since i flexed my commercial muscles, a good couple of … Continued

  • COAL_thumb

    a few months back i wrote a tutorial for 3d world magazine about concepting and modelling a character from scratch in mudbox, and have it rig ready for mocap - the idea being it would then be utilized in motion … Continued

  • Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 3.47.09 PM

    I finally got round to seeing Maleficent in the cinema this week, i like to make sure i see every film ive worked on, no matter how big or small in the cinema - as its ment to be seen! … Continued

  • image[1]

    Thought i would head out today and sculpt something from my local cafe (which i think is called best roman road cafe?).   This is about 40 minutes worth of sculpting on 123dcreature in between eating my lamb kofte! I … Continued

  • captainAmerica2

    Decided to do a quick lunchcrunch today as its been almost a month since i sculpted anything. I was about to start work on an old and battered Batman, but...its been done a lot already, so thought I would turn … Continued

Welcome to the homepage of Adam Dewhirst.

Hi! and welcome to my website.

A little bit about me: I’m a 3D modelling lead and texture artist working in

the VFX industry in Soho, London. Im also a part time tutor at the Animation

Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

Ive been working in the VFX industy for about 10 years now, Ive appearted in

publications such as 3D world and 3D artist, and im currently a memeber of the

Advisory Board for Escape studios training facility. I have some tutorials online

specialising in modelling and sculpting – you will find alot of those links

here, but please feel free to browse my you tube channel

and my twitter account which i regularly post in and update

you can find more information about my work on the portfolio and showreel page, and information about me personally on the about page.

hope you enjoy the site!