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  • cowboy_002

    heres a few sculpts Ive made recently, that i havent posted yet.... its builts up a bit!    

  • image[1]

    I've been quite vocal about how much I love the Sensu brush stylus for the ipad, so much so, that Sensu contacted me to see if I would be up for a little interview (which i always am) and I … Continued

  • Metropolis

    Paintover Thursday number 4 launched last week, and proved to be a great success! some really lovely submissions - here are a few for you to view. Had a great little reward for the top design this week, a sensu … Continued

  • imp

    Having seen my recent Dragon image, my Brother James, asked me if could do the same treatment to one of his childhood illustrations... why not? here is what i produced, and the origional image. The expression was hard to get, … Continued

  • Escape

    Here is the result from Paintover Thursday number 3 - and another great illustration from Nick Foreman @KIlo_three   I'm going to be running this regularly (perhaps not every week) so if you like what you see, please contact me … Continued

  • 3036782-slide-s-6-god-only-knows-bbc

    I've been working at The Mill now for about 4 months, and although the turnaround for commercials is much quicker than film, its often the case that I'm not able to show work i've done, as it could be pitch … Continued

  • dragonComp3

    This was the sculpt i made during last Fridays lunchcrunch - ive been trying to push my quick sculpts a bit more lately, taking them through to final concept, so I ran the sculpt through keyshot to produce some renders … Continued

  • Mech-wreck_101

    On the success of my first twitter challenge to paint something interesting using a photo of my sons lego blocks as a base, I launched a second challenge last week, and once again it was picked up by Nick Foreman … Continued

Welcome to the homepage of Adam Dewhirst.

Hi! and welcome to my website.

A little bit about me: I’m a 3D modelling lead and texture artist working in

the VFX industry in Soho, London. Im also a part time tutor at the Animation

Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

Ive been working in the VFX industy for about 10 years now, Ive appearted in

publications such as 3D world and 3D artist, and im currently a memeber of the

Advisory Board for Escape studios training facility. I have some tutorials online

specialising in modelling and sculpting – you will find alot of those links

here, but please feel free to browse my you tube channel

and my twitter account which i regularly post in and update

you can find more information about my work on the portfolio and showreel page, and information about me personally on the about page.

hope you enjoy the site!