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Hobbs and Shaw was my first film working as a Build Supervisor for DNEG. I oversaw the Model, Texture, Ldev and Groom work from London for work for our London, Vancouver and Mumbai offices. I managed teams in both London, Mumbai and Chennai, working on hard surface, organic, vehicle, prop and environment work, as well as 4 Hero digi doubles.

Our Sequences included:

  • The abseil down Leadnehall building
  • The chase through Chernobyl powerstation
  • The Mclaren/motorbike chase through London
  • The alley fight between Hattie and Hobbs
  • The final fight sequence in Samoa
  • The opening heist sequence
  • numerous other supporting assets.

My role, was to brief out each asset, maintain the quality of our deliveries. Support existing workflow, and create new strategies for assets that would be either time consuming or difficult. To directly manage artist in London and to remotely manage artists in Mumbai. To present our assets internally and produce delivery milestones to client for every stage of asset we produced, and to generally guide the entirety of the build for the show.