• Dr Who – Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

I worked as a modeller on Dr Who for series 7 – Dinosaurs on a spaceship – I was lucky enough to work on two of the Dinsaours, I got to model and Texture the Ankyosaurus who appear at the beginning of the episode, jostling each other for position. You can watch the into sequence below


I also got to texture the flying Pteradactyl. (Image below), this was one of my first uses of Mari, which is a great piece of software – and made texturing so much more enjoyable. Ive included a couple of examples of the Ankyosaurus’s texture map below.

Above still from “Dinosaurs on a spaceship” Pteradactyl terrorises the Doctor and his companions. Texture work by Adam Dewhirst

STUDIO – Mill TV ROLE: modeller DATE: 2012